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About Harmony

Cash Benefit

Variable cash dividend estimated to be 4.5%*

Initial Investment

Full return after token expiration

Subscription Period

To be announced

Utility Benefits

Vouchers from Tanachira Group
5% of par value (1st-5th yr)
2.5% of par value (6th-10th yr)

Token Duration

5 years
(with 5 years extension option)

Deal Size

200-400M Baht
(10 Baht = 1 Token)

*For estimation detail, please see page xx-yy in investment knowledge file

Important Documents

Token Summary | Factsheet | Whitepaper | Investment Knowledge | Issuer Website

Description of the token

Harmony token is a combination of investment and lifestyle in one go. The token allows investors to be a part of Harnn by becoming an owner of Harnn brand. 

As a result, token holders will receive both cash dividend and vouchers for spending on  products and services of Tanachira Group (Harnn owner). The token will mature in 5 years with an option to be extended for another 5 years (decided by token issuer). 

After maturity, token holders will get initial investment back at original value, 10THB per token.

Cash benefits:

Token holders will become owners of the Harnn brands and earn license fee from operating companies, taking 4.5% of their revenues. Cash benefit depends on the performance of the Harnn products and services.

Financial advisors have estimated that the benefit is xxx% for 1st-5th year and yyy% for 6th-10th year. 

For estimation detail, please see page xx-yy in investment knowledge

Utility benefits:

Token holders will be rewarded with vouchers from Tanachira group every year. 

The value of the voucher is 0.5 bath per token (equal to 5% yield) for the 1st-5th year and 0.25 baht per token (equal to 2.5% yield) for the 6th-10th year. 

Vouchers are divided half-half between Harnn spa and products within Tanachira Group including Harnn, Pandora, Cath Kidston, Marimekko.

Details and conditions for the benefits are stated in the token offering whitepaper. Investors should study all the details in the whitepaper before subscription.

Get to know more about Tanachira

About Tanachira Group

TANACHIRA Group is the leading Thailand retailer importing world-famous lifestyle and fashion products.

We manage three international brands and one self-owned brand.

Tanachira has an international footprint in 5 major countries including owned subsidiaries in Japan and Vietnam.

Reasons to invest in Harmony Token


Opportunity to grow with Harnn


Asset backed securities


Approved by SEC


Secondary market at  TDex by SET

Digital token investment contains risk. Please study and invest according to your risk acceptance level.

Investors should familiarize themselves with the investment product, its features, conditions affecting returns, and risks, before making an investment decision.

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