Real Estate Investing for the Next Generation

Gain access to unique investment opportunities in premium real estate assets across the globe.  T-BOX’s digital asset platform allows anyone to easily invest in real estate backed digital tokens and earn income from property ownership.

Own Real Estate and Earn Income

Own equity in premium real estate assets, and receive dividend earnings in cash to your bank account

Quick and Easy to Invest

Don’t stress over mortgages, brokers, paperwork, etc. 

Set up your T-BOX account and start investing in just a few clicks!

Thai SEC Licensed

T-BOX has been granted an ICO Portal license by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand


Become a Real Estate Owner

Own a piece of premium real estate assets by investing in property tokens on our app.

Earn Automatic Income

Invest in property tokens and receive cash dividends straight to your bank account. All property tokens listed on T-BOX give dividend rights to holders.

Invest Easily and Safely

No hassles with mortgages, brokers, paperwork, etc. Investing on T-BOX is quick and simple – users can start trading in just a few clicks! Users can also be confident their investments are safe, as T-BOX is licensed by the SEC and compliant with all digital asset protection laws.